Beauty Blemish Fix

Rise and Shine my gorgeous dolls. Okay so I have a confession I have never ever once struggled with beauty blemishes really. I guess I’m one of those “lucky ones” as they call it….well let me tell you,I hit 27 and life just smacked me with a new struggle. Luckily I use these quick tricks to help when I did get the occasional zit here or there. Also I found this amazing product that is helping and the smells are to die for!!!!


I hope you’re not allergic to cocoanut because that is¬†one of the secret ingredients in this new soap I discovered recently and its working a miracle on my face already, and I am one happy girl. I hear all these stories about trying to find the perfect product for yourself and they sound like horror stories lol. (No offense to anyone really struggling) I just want to say though¬†I do love the way I look and feel. I am blessed being able to go this long without having to go the extra mile,but I always knew my luck train would run out so I am just happy I¬†found something I like a lot to add¬†on to other things I may have done in the past. The soap is made with minimal products and if you know Gerry’s family well all the ladies in his life live by the products that have five ingredients or less,so I am trying to as well. The brand name is Bend Soap Co. The product ships from Bend,Oregon and they have a whole line of soaps,scrubs,bath milks, and lotions. I found them¬†on Instagram, and I fell in love when I followed the link on the page. I grabbed up a bar of soap,a lotion and a container of Goat Milk Bath. I never took a goat milk bath before…..YOU need to,my skin felt so so soft and the Lavender scent was still there in the morning. I love my baths…I¬†think every girl does but girls try a goat milk bath!!

Well besides finding the Willy Wonka Golden Ticket face product, I still use these tricks and products to help with a blemish or to I mean they have helped before.


My blemish fixes

  1. If you know your going out that night and want to do your make up a little darker,simple don’t do your makeup….its crazy for some of you but okay why would you do up your face twice like that and put your already gorgeous face through that possibility of a blemish even if you wash your face or not don’t do it or do it super light like concealer and mascara!!
  2. Whenever I have a blemish that is a decent size or maybe a few at a time I go a day without makeup, maybe a couple if I can. I love my makeup and doing my face but I hate putting more makeup over a blemish it hurts sometimes and stings if you sweat or the sun or you hit it by accident,just saying I hate it but it helps the process along.
  3. We also use Dove body wash. My boyfriend is allergic to cocoanut and we have used it since we have been together. Your skin feels so refreshed and clean after¬† using It,it’s definitely my second go to If I don’t use the Bend Soap.
  4. Wash your brushes and applicator or ditch them. In high school I definitely did not know that so learn while you can. It’s nasty all the bacteria they can accumulate if you’re not careful!!
  5. Spend a little extra, if you have to. It’s your face and your going to be using this product so why not do a little research and look into it more. My sister and Gerry’s sister are like pros when it comes to this stuff, so when I hear about a new product now I am all over it asking them or looking up “swatches” I believe they are called!! I have found over all though in these past few years of me doing my makeup more I have found that definitely spending a little extra money is okay just check reviews they work wonders!!

Till next time….


Mel G.


Ger and Mel Ventures: Fishing day with Bae

Adventure days with bae are so fun and usually every Sunday its venture day. This past weekend we made a journey to Dodge Park #4. It’s about a half hour from our house in Troy. It was such a beautiful day and since we just came back from doing what I wanted to do last weekend I felt like I owed Gerry a break from what I wanted to do. He mentioned something about fishing and if you didn’t know he recently started a Instagram page for his YouTube channel he’s working on, so I decided why not now I have a fun story to do for Ger and Mel Ventures!!


Okay quick background for you….Dodge stands for the Dodge Brothers Cooperation, so in 1922 they donated this park to the state of Michigan as long as it stayed a maintained public park!! Pretty sweet I know:)……I did not fish because I do not have my fishing license but I basically took advantage of our camera and I was his personal photographer for the day…..I don’t think he wanted this but I told him more shots for the blog and Instagram lol. The park was perfect we even saw two turkey vultures who were nesting on a hill. The geese did not like Mandy though they wanted her so bad. The goose would jump in the water and follow us puffing their chest and honking at us like Mandy was going to harm them lol I don’t think Mandy would hurt a fly but that goose was not having it!! We loved the little bridges they had separating into an island on one side and a cute little red bridge on the other side. The beach was perfect it looked like they were getting ready for the season, its only May though and with Michigan weather you never know so no rush to hit up the beach just yet but I would definitely recommend it.


Gerry caught 2 fish but he said personally for fishing a boat is the better way to go. The lake opens up and its a decent size,(Cass Lake)¬†so to catch them big boys as Gerry says¬†a boat would be your best bet. We looped around to the boat launch and it was great, we loved it because it looked like a great launch for kayaks as well and we love to kayak, the water level was perfect for both so we loved that!! Down below is a slide show because I mean let’s face it,pictures are sometimes better than words. Till next time….

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Mel G.

My Morning Playlist

Good Morning my fellow readers, first off let me just say I am not proud to be just now posting so late in the month but I have been so busy and I am so new to this I am trying to just get used to everything and working this blog!! I love it though and I am having so much fun,it’s not easy but its rewarding when you finally do get to post. I am trying to get into the swing of this posting and balancing the rest of life.So hopefully I get back into¬†this and I will¬†hopefully be posting two or three times a week!! Anyway onto other things now I am so excited because April is my birthday month. It is still a few weeks away so I decided to go a little deeper into me and do some posts on things I love and want for my birthday.

I love music I believe it sets the soul on fire and makes you feel so many different emotions. Gerry and I always have music on, our dream goal is to install speakers throughtout the whole house one day¬†so we can listen to music anywhere in the house. I can listen to anything I have grown up listening to everything under the sun so¬†I dont really hate any music, I’m not a major hard core fan of screamo¬†and jazz they may be my like least fave but I will jam out to it if I can groove to it!! I decided I would share with you my go to playlist in the morning. Sometimes I have those mornings where I just do not want to get up, so I turn on my Youtube or Pandora while I’m still in bed so the music really will get me moving and getting up and ready. I love music in the morning that is loud and makes me want to dance¬†around the house. I swear I probably look like I’m doing a music video sometimes when I’m walking through my house in the morning. Hey just rememeber life is not easy and sometimes you need that rap song or girl power song in the morning just to remind yourself you are worth it, your bad and your about to get work done!!! I hope everyone has a great week and I’ll talk to you all soon!! Have a great day dolls!!

(some of my songs on this playlist are PG-13)

Mel’s Morning Playlist

  1. That’s my girl-Fifth Harmony
  2. Bad Girls-M.I.A.
  3. Shining-Beyonce ft. Jay-Z and DJ Khalid
  4. Make Love-Gucci Mane ft. Nicki Minaj
  5. We Own It- 2 Chainz and Wiz Khalifa
  6. Work B****- Britney Spears
  7. Black or White- Michael Jackson
  8. No more mister nice guy- Alice Cooper
  9. Welcome to the Jungle- Guns-N-Roses
  10. Fade- Kayne West


Mel G.

Ger and Mel Ventures: Caseville/Port Austin, MI


Gerry and I have always went on walks ever since we started dating, I remember a time when we used to only go on walks in the summer with bare feet. As time has gone on we have gone on many walks and been on quiet a few adventures already so I knew when I started this blog I really wanted to make this a segment on my blog. Gerry and I have made big dreams this year to really venture more of our great state, and visit at least two states. We work, but its important to just breath and take in all these wonders of our beautiful planet while we can.

Caseville is a beautiful place to visit. Usually we spend our summers here laying out on the beach ,soaking up the sun and watching the kiddies build castles. Well my first trip to Caseville in the winter was definitely not like that. I had never been up during the winter so I was so surprised to see these beautiful snow caps and the beloved lake almost still frozen. We arrived a little late Friday night so we just went to bed. The next morning we were up and ready to adventure out, we bundled up with Mandy close by always. We spent most of the morning on the ice and just taking pictures and having fun. I felt really cool being on the ice I’m not one to just run out on some frozen ice like my honey, it makes me so nervous frozen solid or not. We ventured into town and they had Shanty Days going on we missed all the fun it seemed, everything was pretty early we later heard. It sounded like a blast and its every year in February in Caseville, so if your ever in the area during the event go¬†attend it sounded like a blast!!

With Sunday Funday we decided to pack up the car and venture out to Port Austin. We had to go home today so we took some time on some trails in Port Austin and at the pier. The pier was so crazy usually we can walk down to the end of the pier and this time the snow had fallen way over the rails. So we had a nice half walk and we got some great shots as well. Only thing I would say be careful when you walk your dog out, the beginning of the bridge wasn’t to kind to Mandy so maybe not take that route, or walk slower for them. We also visited Port Crescent Park. It has about four or five different trails and each one is an adventure in its self. From one that leads straight to the water and another that leads to Secret Swings. We brought Mandy here in the winter and it was just as cool when we¬†came in the summer with his family. We went down one trail that looked like we were in the desert. It felt so cool to feel like that in the midst of winter. Over all I thought both these places were great for the winter still. I love them in the summer but now I can say I love them just as much in the winter. I decided to put together a little slide show of all the adventuring we did. I feel like seeing it in the pictures will sell you on it more. It’s Pure Michigan living at its finest and we didn’t have to go far at all.

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                                       Mel G.

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Goodies



Roses are Red and Violets are Blue…..I have a sweet tooth and it is for you!! Yes I have a sweet tooth this valentine’s day for some sweet cupcakes and cookies to. I had so much fun doing this for my first post….I had to kind of rush and it is my first post so I’m sorry my pictures are not the best quality at the moment. We got a new camera and it was late when I knocked these out. I have this love hate for valentine’s day this year. Not to sure why yet,maybe it’s because I feel it’s a bit over rated. It’s still a fun holiday none the less and¬†I loved doing this quick idea to please myself and my significant other. Best¬†thing is I feel like you can do these for anyone so its a quick gift, maybe just add a card!!


For my first sweet treat I did a quick batch of Pillsbury Valentines Day cookies. They were even already pre cut and in a heart shape I couldn’t pass them up when I seen them and Gerry loves when I make these up as a quick desert during the week. The only down side to buying the pre made cookies I would say is these ones were a little hard to ice or decorate I attempted a few and I was not impressed so they became a snack quiet fast!! I was glad over all how they turned out and they were as always so yummy!!


The second treat I did was¬†a mix between two projects¬†I seen online. I wanted to one then I seen the other so I was like I will remix this¬†and turn it into my own thing. It was a pretty simple project to do and the longest¬†part was baking the cupcakes the rest did not take to long at all. I felt like this one you¬†could do the same thing give this one to anyone really because of all the yummy candy and baked goodness on top!! All you need to do for this project is take four or so wine glasses(you can¬†use any kind of¬†glass that is clear.) Then bake your cupcakes.¬†After your cupcakes are golden brown and cool, frost your cupcake using any bright color frosting you can. I chose pink for Valentine’s day. Fill your cups with the candy you have chosen, I did conversation hearts and M&M’S. After they are about 3/4 of the way filled put your cupcake sitting on top. Sprinkle¬†the top of the cupcakes with sprinkle¬†gems for extra flair!! You could do a cherry on top, or a gumball!! Oh and don’t forget the straw. I had so much fun with this one and I would do it again for a birthday or another¬†holiday.

Valentine’s Day may not be the best¬†holiday ever,but it still is a good day because it’s still a day filled with love.Remember love conquers¬†all.Thank you again for reading my first post I hope to grow from here and learn all I can.I hope you have a great valentines day and even if you make these sweet treats for yourself this year, make sure to tip that wine glass high and smile!!


Mel G.