A few of my go to things

BaeWhen the seasons change I find myself changing what I use or wear and find myself trying new things.I have a few items each season that are my go tos though,the items I need to survive these next few months.


These Items I have listed below keep me going thru those long winter months and living in The Mitten you already know the cold will be here for a while.


Mel’s List of Go To Things

Winter Edition 

  1. Cozy Throw Blanket(great for snuggling with or in your car)  Bought mine- Target
  2. Snow Boots- BearPaw 
  3. Lip Balm- Carmex 
  4. Hats- Meijer/Carhart/ Charlotte Russe/Aeropostale 
  5. Scarves- Forever 21/Charlotte Russe/ Meijer
  6. Bath Bombs (baths Are my fave)- Target/Bath and Body Works 
  7. Cough Drops- Halls/ Ricola 
  8. Crock Pot(This baby is my best friend in the winter months!!) – Mine was a gift but I see them priced nice at Kohls or Target 
  9. Long or Fuzzy Socks- Meijer/Walmart
  10. Hot Beverages- Cocoa or Starbucks 
  11. Lotion- Aveeno 



Mel G.


New Year, New Goals

I feel so elementary or High school right now sitting here thinking of some New Years Goals or some resolution I probably will end up breaking in two weeks…..but it’s good to have goals and dreams, and we can always improve somehow!!

I definitely want to push myself to always believe in myself. I try to be positive but sometimes I do doubt myself so I just want to be always on myself reminding myself that I can do anything.

Another thing Is get back into going on walks and working out a little more, we are so active in the summer fall and spring but once the cold comes I’m indoors eating and being a little lazier so I told Gerry I am determined to learn to snowboard or ski one day so we can always stay active!!

I want to post a lot more to I’m debating on getting a photographer on the side to just help sometimes when I do need need help because you cannot do this all yourself. I want to be more into it but not over stress and set my limits to high without to much help.

I hope you all have a great New Year and an awesome 2018!! Dream big and don’t be afraid!!


Mel G.


Holiday Home Tour

Let it Snow Let it Snow……basically how I feel now that Thanksgiving has come and gone. I live for Christmas it is my favorite holiday.I think I like it more than my own birthday. I love making traditions and carrying on old traditions, to me it really is the most wonderful time of year.


One tradition we are starting this year is our own 25 days of Christmas movie marathon. We currently are on the hunt for more and are almost to twenty now. I would love some suggestions if you have any we have a great start but I want to mix it up throw in some old ones or newer ones we are missing so please comment below if we are missing your favorite holiday movie!!


My house smells of fresh pine and I am loving it. We ventured out to Blake’s Apple Orchard over the past  weekend and we cut down our very first tree. This place has definitely become one of our favorite places to visit in Michigan. I’m so excited because Gerry is letting me have my kardashian wish come true of having more than one tree to, because I can’t have just one it won’t simply do.



When we were young my family would always have the mismatching tree, we had all the fun bulbs we would make and a bunch of other random fun ones we would have picked out. Well once I moved out I just had to have matching bulbs I became obsessed. Then at the end of last year my mom passed down those mismatched ornaments to me so I was so excited naturally but I had to figure out how to make it work, so alas the second tree became the fun mismatched tree. I’m sure once we have kids we will have a tree like that to but honestly it means so much more than some glitter or shiny plain bulbs.




Ornaments-  Walmart/passed down/Bronners


Tree Toppers- Walmart

Candles-  Yankee Candle

Happy Holidays


Mel G.


Engagement Session

I get to marry my best friend on July 28,2018 and I cannot believe it. I still sit in awe and catch my self just having little moments just staring at my ring. It’s such a surreal feeling and I can’t believe it still!! I’m over here thinking to myself I get to live this fairy tale!? I’m blessed with the best.


We had our engagement shoot at the end of October and we have been going through them all finally sending our save the dates and making a fun photo book to have on display during the wedding.


We shot the photos all at Cranbrook, and this place took my breath away. I have never been to any of the areas we went to so I was so excited to shoot where we ended up at. We never had met our photographer either before but she was perfect and made us feel so comfortable and just enjoy our moment. She has only just started doing this to more but she is a natural and I loved everything she did for us,went above and beyond. We had so much fun and I wanted to share them with yous!!






Photographer- Erin Roy

Happy Holidays!!


Mel G.




My Current Fall Feels

Fall has officially sprung and  I love seeing the changes.Here in Michigan we surely get our fair share of fall fun. The trees come alive with the beautiful yellow, reds and oranges and the air in the morning is the best so crisp and fresh smelling I love it!!

Besides a pumpkin spice latte,and starting my holiday baking and shopping soon I’m currently obsessing over a few things and I figured I would share them with you today!!

October Round Up 

  • Jessie James Decker just dropped her album less then 3 weeks ago and I’m obsessing over it. I’ve loved this women as an artist for years. Learning all her songs new and old her vocals are amazing. She is a great role model for us young women out there today she is real, I love her.

    Find Jessie James Deckers new cd at Target or stream the whole cd from her YouTube Channel.

  • I have owned a crock pot for I would say almost two years now and up untill these last few months I used it maybe 5 times I swear it’s so sad because,now in the last 2 weeks alone I’ve used that bad lad almost 5 times now and I can’t stop. I have fallen in love with these easy Campbell dinners and they work wonders. I just choose my pack my meat throw them in put it on low and I’m set for dinner now on those nights I need something good and fast!! You can find these packs in your local soup aisle!!
  • The color green is my favorite but I have always opted away from owning to much green because I’m no state fan and I don’t want people mistaking me for one,hehe but I am loving green everything, I saw these green shoes at the store and had to have them then found a matching green hat for $5. I mean it matched so I needed it and for five dollars more I mean who could blame me.
  • I’m looking forward to Apple picking this year because I have put my self to the challenge to make a apple pie for my soon to be hubby. A special request he has asked for this year!!
  • It happens to every female I feel like we walk into Target looking for one or two things on a mission and you get side tracked with the new clothes or in this case nail polish….I went to get some body wash and make up and come out with that a bath bomb, a shirt and two bottles of nail Polish I just had to have!! They are so cute though the Sinful Colors line, is a go to. I love the shades,price and the color stays on. I snagged up a pretty magenta and a cute red.

The leaves are falling and soon we will be heading into turkey time, I can’t believe how fast time goes now that I’m older. I used to be in such a hurry to grow up and get to where I’m at and now all I want is for it to slow down.

Time goes by so fast, but I will always have my memories. Have a great day dolls!!


Mel G.


Let me update you real quick


well first off I can say I am officially an engaged women. My fiancé finally made my dream come true in August and now I am in full wedding planning!! It’s crazy to believe we have already been engaged for nearly 3 months now I mean we are taking our engagement photos this weekend!! I can’t believe how fast it goes by all I have to say is enjoy it. I’m currently working on our wedding website to keep a close eye on all that extra fun like wedding registry and a story of us and who is in our wedding party. It’s a cute little app I’m having so much fun with it!!


In other news we have been going non stop these last few months from a lions football game,(huge fans) birthday parties and our Halloween party. Our niece and nephew celebrated two different weekends of birthdays complete with moon bounces and a pool party!! We do it big around here, especially for the kids. now October is here and we are currently on a roller coaster of different events every weekend. It has been non stop we visited kalahari for the first time for a special little nuggets birthday. First time for us all and we are already planning our second time back we recommend this place for everyone kids and adults it’s perfect for everyone.



Now this past weekend we had our Halloween party and it was a blast. It was our second year throwing it and I was against it at first because we are getting married next year but we did it and I’m so glad we did. We had the best time ever making the best memories with people we love. Gerry even asked some of his groomsmen that night to stand in the wedding it was a special night. We are gearing up for another weekend of crazy fun but it’s so great. I feel so blessed being able to be able to be living this life. It’s never perfect but I love this crazy life I live. Till next time.




 Mel G.


Summer Update 2k17

Well here we are end of July beginning of August and I have basically just fallen off the blog lifestyle. I see how hard it really can be balancing all this, but I want to be on this band wagon still so I will do my best to stay more connected.


I have been having the best summer ever though,like wise for all you I hope!? We have been on a few trips, celebrating friends getting married, work of course and some other fun adventures with family and friends as well. I cannot believe we are already at the end of summer it is like where has the time gone?!


Now that summer is dwindling down though I still do have a few things on my summer bucket list I would love to do. Like going zip lining at the outdoor adventure park here in Michigan or maybe visiting a tigers game and downtown a few more nights!! Or maybe visit an amusement park as well, who knows with one month left so many options!!


Hope everyone is having a great summer and living it up and relaxing on the days you can. I’m so happy to be back at this again feeling good and happy about it!! I posted some pics throughout the post of my adventures these past few months!!


       Ta,ta for now,


                     Mel G.