Holiday Home Tour

Let it Snow Let it Snow……basically how I feel now that Thanksgiving has come and gone. I live for Christmas it is my favorite holiday.I think I like it more than my own birthday. I love making traditions and carrying on old traditions, to me it really is the most wonderful time of year.


One tradition we are starting this year is our own 25 days of Christmas movie marathon. We currently are on the hunt for more and are almost to twenty now. I would love some suggestions if you have any we have a great start but I want to mix it up throw in some old ones or newer ones we are missing so please comment below if we are missing your favorite holiday movie!!


My house smells of fresh pine and I am loving it. We ventured out to Blake’s Apple Orchard over the past  weekend and we cut down our very first tree. This place has definitely become one of our favorite places to visit in Michigan. I’m so excited because Gerry is letting me have my kardashian wish come true of having more than one tree to, because I can’t have just one it won’t simply do.



When we were young my family would always have the mismatching tree, we had all the fun bulbs we would make and a bunch of other random fun ones we would have picked out. Well once I moved out I just had to have matching bulbs I became obsessed. Then at the end of last year my mom passed down those mismatched ornaments to me so I was so excited naturally but I had to figure out how to make it work, so alas the second tree became the fun mismatched tree. I’m sure once we have kids we will have a tree like that to but honestly it means so much more than some glitter or shiny plain bulbs.




Ornaments-  Walmart/passed down/Bronners


Tree Toppers- Walmart

Candles-  Yankee Candle

Happy Holidays


Mel G.