Honeymoon Shirts

Wedding Wednesday is an official thing being used now, on all of my social media platforms so since I am engaged I am totally taking advantage of this day while I can….

We are almost to 100 days and I am freaking out I can’t believe it almost 100 days people!! So besides all the fun stuff booking your caterer, ordering invitations and all the table decorations….Ger and I are currently planning out our honeymoon itinary and it has been so fun.(maybe some of the best parts) We are taking a two week road trip!!

So since we will be newly married I ordered us some special shirts for us on different days we are gone. We some how always end up matching and never mean it so I had to be extra and take it that far. 😉

Gerry and I are so excited for our two week adventure. We plan on doing so much and vlogging and blogging it all on the way!! Well as much as possible.

Stay with me these next few months I will talk more about that fun adventure as it comes closer!! I want to say thank you to the great Etsy pages I found and i highly recommend them both so I listed the links below and the Etsy pages I purchased the shirts from!!

Disney Shirts-


King/Queen Shirts-


Have a great week!!


Mel G.


Holiday Home Tour

Let it Snow Let it Snow……basically how I feel now that Thanksgiving has come and gone. I live for Christmas it is my favorite holiday.I think I like it more than my own birthday. I love making traditions and carrying on old traditions, to me it really is the most wonderful time of year.


One tradition we are starting this year is our own 25 days of Christmas movie marathon. We currently are on the hunt for more and are almost to twenty now. I would love some suggestions if you have any we have a great start but I want to mix it up throw in some old ones or newer ones we are missing so please comment below if we are missing your favorite holiday movie!!


My house smells of fresh pine and I am loving it. We ventured out to Blake’s Apple Orchard over the past  weekend and we cut down our very first tree. This place has definitely become one of our favorite places to visit in Michigan. I’m so excited because Gerry is letting me have my kardashian wish come true of having more than one tree to, because I can’t have just one it won’t simply do.



When we were young my family would always have the mismatching tree, we had all the fun bulbs we would make and a bunch of other random fun ones we would have picked out. Well once I moved out I just had to have matching bulbs I became obsessed. Then at the end of last year my mom passed down those mismatched ornaments to me so I was so excited naturally but I had to figure out how to make it work, so alas the second tree became the fun mismatched tree. I’m sure once we have kids we will have a tree like that to but honestly it means so much more than some glitter or shiny plain bulbs.




Ornaments-  Walmart/passed down/Bronners


Tree Toppers- Walmart

Candles-  Yankee Candle

Happy Holidays


Mel G.


Engagement Session

I get to marry my best friend on July 28,2018 and I cannot believe it. I still sit in awe and catch my self just having little moments just staring at my ring. It’s such a surreal feeling and I can’t believe it still!! I’m over here thinking to myself I get to live this fairy tale!? I’m blessed with the best.


We had our engagement shoot at the end of October and we have been going through them all finally sending our save the dates and making a fun photo book to have on display during the wedding.


We shot the photos all at Cranbrook, and this place took my breath away. I have never been to any of the areas we went to so I was so excited to shoot where we ended up at. We never had met our photographer either before but she was perfect and made us feel so comfortable and just enjoy our moment. She has only just started doing this to more but she is a natural and I loved everything she did for us,went above and beyond. We had so much fun and I wanted to share them with yous!!






Photographer- Erin Roy

Happy Holidays!!


Mel G.




Let me update you real quick


well first off I can say I am officially an engaged women. My fiancé finally made my dream come true in August and now I am in full wedding planning!! It’s crazy to believe we have already been engaged for nearly 3 months now I mean we are taking our engagement photos this weekend!! I can’t believe how fast it goes by all I have to say is enjoy it. I’m currently working on our wedding website to keep a close eye on all that extra fun like wedding registry and a story of us and who is in our wedding party. It’s a cute little app I’m having so much fun with it!!


In other news we have been going non stop these last few months from a lions football game,(huge fans) birthday parties and our Halloween party. Our niece and nephew celebrated two different weekends of birthdays complete with moon bounces and a pool party!! We do it big around here, especially for the kids. now October is here and we are currently on a roller coaster of different events every weekend. It has been non stop we visited kalahari for the first time for a special little nuggets birthday. First time for us all and we are already planning our second time back we recommend this place for everyone kids and adults it’s perfect for everyone.



Now this past weekend we had our Halloween party and it was a blast. It was our second year throwing it and I was against it at first because we are getting married next year but we did it and I’m so glad we did. We had the best time ever making the best memories with people we love. Gerry even asked some of his groomsmen that night to stand in the wedding it was a special night. We are gearing up for another weekend of crazy fun but it’s so great. I feel so blessed being able to be able to be living this life. It’s never perfect but I love this crazy life I live. Till next time.




 Mel G.


Ger and Mel Ventures: Fishing day with Bae

Adventure days with bae are so fun and usually every Sunday its venture day. This past weekend we made a journey to Dodge Park #4. It’s about a half hour from our house in Troy. It was such a beautiful day and since we just came back from doing what I wanted to do last weekend I felt like I owed Gerry a break from what I wanted to do. He mentioned something about fishing and if you didn’t know he recently started a Instagram page for his YouTube channel he’s working on, so I decided why not now I have a fun story to do for Ger and Mel Ventures!!


Okay quick background for you….Dodge stands for the Dodge Brothers Cooperation, so in 1922 they donated this park to the state of Michigan as long as it stayed a maintained public park!! Pretty sweet I know:)……I did not fish because I do not have my fishing license but I basically took advantage of our camera and I was his personal photographer for the day…..I don’t think he wanted this but I told him more shots for the blog and Instagram lol. The park was perfect we even saw two turkey vultures who were nesting on a hill. The geese did not like Mandy though they wanted her so bad. The goose would jump in the water and follow us puffing their chest and honking at us like Mandy was going to harm them lol I don’t think Mandy would hurt a fly but that goose was not having it!! We loved the little bridges they had separating into an island on one side and a cute little red bridge on the other side. The beach was perfect it looked like they were getting ready for the season, its only May though and with Michigan weather you never know so no rush to hit up the beach just yet but I would definitely recommend it.


Gerry caught 2 fish but he said personally for fishing a boat is the better way to go. The lake opens up and its a decent size,(Cass Lake) so to catch them big boys as Gerry says a boat would be your best bet. We looped around to the boat launch and it was great, we loved it because it looked like a great launch for kayaks as well and we love to kayak, the water level was perfect for both so we loved that!! Down below is a slide show because I mean let’s face it,pictures are sometimes better than words. Till next time….

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Mel G.

Ger and Mel Ventures: Caseville/Port Austin, MI


Gerry and I have always went on walks ever since we started dating, I remember a time when we used to only go on walks in the summer with bare feet. As time has gone on we have gone on many walks and been on quiet a few adventures already so I knew when I started this blog I really wanted to make this a segment on my blog. Gerry and I have made big dreams this year to really venture more of our great state, and visit at least two states. We work, but its important to just breath and take in all these wonders of our beautiful planet while we can.

Caseville is a beautiful place to visit. Usually we spend our summers here laying out on the beach ,soaking up the sun and watching the kiddies build castles. Well my first trip to Caseville in the winter was definitely not like that. I had never been up during the winter so I was so surprised to see these beautiful snow caps and the beloved lake almost still frozen. We arrived a little late Friday night so we just went to bed. The next morning we were up and ready to adventure out, we bundled up with Mandy close by always. We spent most of the morning on the ice and just taking pictures and having fun. I felt really cool being on the ice I’m not one to just run out on some frozen ice like my honey, it makes me so nervous frozen solid or not. We ventured into town and they had Shanty Days going on we missed all the fun it seemed, everything was pretty early we later heard. It sounded like a blast and its every year in February in Caseville, so if your ever in the area during the event go attend it sounded like a blast!!

With Sunday Funday we decided to pack up the car and venture out to Port Austin. We had to go home today so we took some time on some trails in Port Austin and at the pier. The pier was so crazy usually we can walk down to the end of the pier and this time the snow had fallen way over the rails. So we had a nice half walk and we got some great shots as well. Only thing I would say be careful when you walk your dog out, the beginning of the bridge wasn’t to kind to Mandy so maybe not take that route, or walk slower for them. We also visited Port Crescent Park. It has about four or five different trails and each one is an adventure in its self. From one that leads straight to the water and another that leads to Secret Swings. We brought Mandy here in the winter and it was just as cool when we came in the summer with his family. We went down one trail that looked like we were in the desert. It felt so cool to feel like that in the midst of winter. Over all I thought both these places were great for the winter still. I love them in the summer but now I can say I love them just as much in the winter. I decided to put together a little slide show of all the adventuring we did. I feel like seeing it in the pictures will sell you on it more. It’s Pure Michigan living at its finest and we didn’t have to go far at all.

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                                       Mel G.