Wedding Wows Part 2.

We are almost to 80 days!! We have made it to this special day and I am freaking out I still cannot believe I will be a Mrs. soon. The calender is full and so is my heart, here is part two of our wedding journey!!

Okay everyone first thing I will say is if you have not yet downloaded The Knot app you need to and fast!! It is a real lifesaver, we have all our registeries listed here and we even have our own custom page!! If you do not like phone apps or they are to confusing(this one is not!!) I would definitely recommend a notebook or binder as well!! Now that we are in crunch mode i went from my big bulky binder to a little notebook. I use my binder still it is just easier sometimes to just take my little notebook and go!!

We have all our invitations ordered and to be honest i ended up going in another direction with them. I had a different vision at first but the ones we ended up with are perfect. We went with Vistaprint for our formal invitations, and i did this in the end instead was because my sister found my bridal shower invites on there. Every site I went on really had to many options to choose from and that was an issue, with less selction it really does make it easier. Shutterfly was the same way as well just more pricy. We even were lucky enough to get a special code at checkout with email sign up so it was so worth it.

Also here are some quick pointers and mistakes I have made to help you so you have less or none!!

  • Make sure at every dress fitting you and your ladies bring your shoes and bra you will be wearing under your dress, I was informed to late the first time
  • When you have little ones standing in the wedding it is best advised to have them break in the shoes a little bit before the big day!! (If the shoes are new) a month before at least
  • Have snacks and water available for the wedding party, in the morning and throughout the day!! Its important especially in the hot months to have it handy!!
  • Be a month ahead…we are ahead of schedule right now and it is great!!
  • Ask for help…I struggle with this one still to, I think I want everything to be perfect and I need to remind myself that it won’t be and that is okay some things it really is not worth stressing over
  • Don’t let anyone elses opinion affect what you truly do want. I have had several people try to tell me what to do and then bridezilla mode kicks in…I love advice but I don’t like when someone else tries to take control of something I have been dreaming of my whole life

Sorry for the rant for a second! I have been sick for the past few days to so i am so so so sorry for the delay on posts!! I will be changing that now


Mel G.


Let me Re-Introduce myself

Alrighty we are here, we made it to a very special month, the month dedicated to you basically once you are born… know what I am talking about,your birthday month!!!

I am stepping up my game everywhere and I am beyond ready to conquer this month and the next few. I figured since it is still pretty early on in the month I would take advantage and introduce myself or reintroduce myself or just tell you more. I will be 28 this month and I decided to list 28 facts about myself!!

So lets jump into this fun page and get a little personal:

28 Random Facts about Me

  1. I love Mexican food, if I could have it 3 times a day I so would
  2. I have only traveled to Alaska and California (hence excitement for the honeymoon road trip!!)
  3. My hair is one of my fave parts of myself, im all natural(momma wouldn’t let me dye it)
  4. Smiling is my favorite to😀
  5. In another life i swear i was a princess
  6. If you ever want to hear me sing you can always catch live shows in my bathroom
  7. Black leggings and bronzer ❤❤
  8. I don’t care for cheese,and other dairy i only care for sour cream and of course 🍕. (Only exception)
  9. I am obsessed with anything glee harry potter or disney
  10. Fall is my favorite season
  11. I have had a job since I was 16
  12. Christmas time is my favorite
  13. My mom and grandpa are my hero
  14. Jennifer Lawrence and Lea Michele are my inspo.
  15. Reese Witherspoon to😘
  16. Sparkling water is so overrated
  17. Celeb couple goals would have to be JJD+ED and Thomas Rhett Akins and Lauren Akins.
  18. I want to live in Tennessee for a couple years
  19. I am very old fashioned
  20. Fave date night pizza,wine,music, and games at home
  21. I love to cook!!
  22. Cleaning thats another story
  23. One thing on my bucket list is to sky dive
  24. Gerry and I never can miss an episode of Gold Rush (so funny right its a great show though)
  25. Our newest one is the deadliest catch
  26. I love taking pictures📷
  27. Snakes creep me out🐍
  28. Smiling is the best feature any person can have (i love quotes)

I am a fun person and while I am on the serious side I definitely love to let loose and have a great time to!! I know this maybe a random post but I just wanted you all to get to know me more!! Hopefully you hit that follow botton and continue on this journey with me!! I love blogging and creating!!

Today I am wearing my Tacos shirt because like I said I love my tacos!! It is from Forever 21 last season..I couldn’t find that one but I linked a website to some other cute taco topic tops I plan on snagging up soon!!


Mel G.

Honeymoon Shirts

Wedding Wednesday is an official thing being used now, on all of my social media platforms so since I am engaged I am totally taking advantage of this day while I can….

We are almost to 100 days and I am freaking out I can’t believe it almost 100 days people!! So besides all the fun stuff booking your caterer, ordering invitations and all the table decorations….Ger and I are currently planning out our honeymoon itinary and it has been so fun.(maybe some of the best parts) We are taking a two week road trip!!

So since we will be newly married I ordered us some special shirts for us on different days we are gone. We some how always end up matching and never mean it so I had to be extra and take it that far. 😉

Gerry and I are so excited for our two week adventure. We plan on doing so much and vlogging and blogging it all on the way!! Well as much as possible.

Stay with me these next few months I will talk more about that fun adventure as it comes closer!! I want to say thank you to the great Etsy pages I found and i highly recommend them both so I listed the links below and the Etsy pages I purchased the shirts from!!

Disney Shirts-

King/Queen Shirts-

Have a great week!!


Mel G.

Wedding WOW 101

Okay ladies, this whole wedding planning is real life. It is a no joke game, it can become a full time job and I didn’t even think it was possible. While it is fun it is a lot of work and I decided to put this blog post together to help other brides who may be struggling or just want some extra advice from a fellow bride to be!!

  1. First things first book your locations. If you plan on doing the ceremony at one place and plan on the reception at a other you need to get on these right away. Every place books up I was lucky with my location we are doing both at the same place and little cost to us. Other brides I have spoken with are not as lucky, some venues are booked for the next three years especially barns!!
  2. Another rule when your booking any tents,transportation,caterer, or photobooth ect. Always use the one,two,three rule. Find at least three suppliers first and then eliminate them one by one by the price and rating,also how fast they respond to you. Don’t wait around on some place for two weeks just because they have a great price look around don’t settle.
  3. Make a wedding binder. Print out or buy section separators and make yourself a book. Keep everything in it pictures, appointment cards, reminders ect. It makes it so much easier having everything in one spot.
  4. Also keep a notebook with you or have sticky notes in your phone. I find myself constantly writing in it when I’m out, you never know when you will think of an idea or see something you love.
  5. Use a wedding website. I am obsessed with ours. We have everything on it from check lists to vendor ideas and your own website to customize so guests can follow along even better, I love the knot app I have it on my phone and on our iPad at home.
  6. Take a break. It is important at times not always but it is nice to take a day off and focus on other things instead of the wedding planning.

Pretty warning as well you may find yourselves consuming more wine then usual and that is normal to, haha just enjoy your special time live in the moment and breath, everything will fall into place!!



Mel G.


Let’s get Organized

Okay I am in full clean and organizing mode forget spring cleaning I’ve started these past few weeks and I’m so excited!! I have so many things I want to do and move around I even told Gerry I wanted to move the rooms around and switch it up. He liked it I think..

I am starting in my kitchen by organizing my spices and baking needs. I have so much Tupperware and extra containers just laying around taking up extra clutter so I decided to take care of that real quick. I even went and purchased some fancy labels to help me recognize what is what.




I have been organizing and discarding all over the house and it was needed after the holidays. I also organized and went through some of our closets that I will share on my next post!! Happy organizing and weekend!!


Mel G.


A few of my go to things

BaeWhen the seasons change I find myself changing what I use or wear and find myself trying new things.I have a few items each season that are my go tos though,the items I need to survive these next few months.


These Items I have listed below keep me going thru those long winter months and living in The Mitten you already know the cold will be here for a while.


Mel’s List of Go To Things

Winter Edition 

  1. Cozy Throw Blanket(great for snuggling with or in your car)  Bought mine- Target
  2. Snow Boots- BearPaw 
  3. Lip Balm- Carmex 
  4. Hats- Meijer/Carhart/ Charlotte Russe/Aeropostale 
  5. Scarves- Forever 21/Charlotte Russe/ Meijer
  6. Bath Bombs (baths Are my fave)- Target/Bath and Body Works 
  7. Cough Drops- Halls/ Ricola 
  8. Crock Pot(This baby is my best friend in the winter months!!) – Mine was a gift but I see them priced nice at Kohls or Target 
  9. Long or Fuzzy Socks- Meijer/Walmart
  10. Hot Beverages- Cocoa or Starbucks 
  11. Lotion- Aveeno 



Mel G.

New Year, New Goals

I feel so elementary or High school right now sitting here thinking of some New Years Goals or some resolution I probably will end up breaking in two weeks…..but it’s good to have goals and dreams, and we can always improve somehow!!

I definitely want to push myself to always believe in myself. I try to be positive but sometimes I do doubt myself so I just want to be always on myself reminding myself that I can do anything.

Another thing Is get back into going on walks and working out a little more, we are so active in the summer fall and spring but once the cold comes I’m indoors eating and being a little lazier so I told Gerry I am determined to learn to snowboard or ski one day so we can always stay active!!

I want to post a lot more to I’m debating on getting a photographer on the side to just help sometimes when I do need need help because you cannot do this all yourself. I want to be more into it but not over stress and set my limits to high without to much help.

I hope you all have a great New Year and an awesome 2018!! Dream big and don’t be afraid!!


Mel G.