L is for the way you look at me

He will be my forever valentine, and I still cannot believe I get to do life with this man. We are getting married in six months now and the wedding planning is in full swing!! We have so many appointments and different dates we have to remember for certain things, we are on this love roller coaster and I’m so excited for it all to happen.Since it is February the love month I decided I would do some different topics on love,marriage planning and some sweet treats in between!!

Every year i make Gerry a sweet treat to have on Valentines day,last year i made him some cookies and a candy cup treat but this year im going to make Some convo heart cupcakes. I posted Some pictures in case you need a last minute treat for your Valentines as well!!






Mel G.


Wedding WOW 101

Okay ladies, this whole wedding planning is real life. It is a no joke game, it can become a full time job and I didn’t even think it was possible. While it is fun it is a lot of work and I decided to put this blog post together to help other brides who may be struggling or just want some extra advice from a fellow bride to be!!

  1. First things first book your locations. If you plan on doing the ceremony at one place and plan on the reception at a other you need to get on these right away. Every place books up I was lucky with my location we are doing both at the same place and little cost to us. Other brides I have spoken with are not as lucky, some venues are booked for the next three years especially barns!!
  2. Another rule when your booking any tents,transportation,caterer, or photobooth ect. Always use the one,two,three rule. Find at least three suppliers first and then eliminate them one by one by the price and rating,also how fast they respond to you. Don’t wait around on some place for two weeks just because they have a great price look around don’t settle.
  3. Make a wedding binder. Print out or buy section separators and make yourself a book. Keep everything in it pictures, appointment cards, reminders ect. It makes it so much easier having everything in one spot.
  4. Also keep a notebook with you or have sticky notes in your phone. I find myself constantly writing in it when I’m out, you never know when you will think of an idea or see something you love.
  5. Use a wedding website. I am obsessed with ours. We have everything on it from check lists to vendor ideas and your own website to customize so guests can follow along even better, I love the knot app I have it on my phone and on our iPad at home.
  6. Take a break. It is important at times not always but it is nice to take a day off and focus on other things instead of the wedding planning.

Pretty warning as well you may find yourselves consuming more wine then usual and that is normal to, haha just enjoy your special time live in the moment and breath, everything will fall into place!!



Mel G.


Let’s get Organized

Okay I am in full clean and organizing mode forget spring cleaning I’ve started these past few weeks and I’m so excited!! I have so many things I want to do and move around I even told Gerry I wanted to move the rooms around and switch it up. He liked it I think..

I am starting in my kitchen by organizing my spices and baking needs. I have so much Tupperware and extra containers just laying around taking up extra clutter so I decided to take care of that real quick. I even went and purchased some fancy labels to help me recognize what is what.




I have been organizing and discarding all over the house and it was needed after the holidays. I also organized and went through some of our closets that I will share on my next post!! Happy organizing and weekend!!


Mel G.


Last Minute Valentine’s Day Goodies



Roses are Red and Violets are Blue…..I have a sweet tooth and it is for you!! Yes I have a sweet tooth this valentine’s day for some sweet cupcakes and cookies to. I had so much fun doing this for my first post….I had to kind of rush and it is my first post so I’m sorry my pictures are not the best quality at the moment. We got a new camera and it was late when I knocked these out. I have this love hate for valentine’s day this year. Not to sure why yet,maybe it’s because I feel it’s a bit over rated. It’s still a fun holiday none the less and I loved doing this quick idea to please myself and my significant other. Best thing is I feel like you can do these for anyone so its a quick gift, maybe just add a card!!


For my first sweet treat I did a quick batch of Pillsbury Valentines Day cookies. They were even already pre cut and in a heart shape I couldn’t pass them up when I seen them and Gerry loves when I make these up as a quick desert during the week. The only down side to buying the pre made cookies I would say is these ones were a little hard to ice or decorate I attempted a few and I was not impressed so they became a snack quiet fast!! I was glad over all how they turned out and they were as always so yummy!!


The second treat I did was a mix between two projects I seen online. I wanted to one then I seen the other so I was like I will remix this and turn it into my own thing. It was a pretty simple project to do and the longest part was baking the cupcakes the rest did not take to long at all. I felt like this one you could do the same thing give this one to anyone really because of all the yummy candy and baked goodness on top!! All you need to do for this project is take four or so wine glasses(you can use any kind of glass that is clear.) Then bake your cupcakes. After your cupcakes are golden brown and cool, frost your cupcake using any bright color frosting you can. I chose pink for Valentine’s day. Fill your cups with the candy you have chosen, I did conversation hearts and M&M’S. After they are about 3/4 of the way filled put your cupcake sitting on top. Sprinkle the top of the cupcakes with sprinkle gems for extra flair!! You could do a cherry on top, or a gumball!! Oh and don’t forget the straw. I had so much fun with this one and I would do it again for a birthday or another holiday.

Valentine’s Day may not be the best holiday ever,but it still is a good day because it’s still a day filled with love.Remember love conquers all.Thank you again for reading my first post I hope to grow from here and learn all I can.I hope you have a great valentines day and even if you make these sweet treats for yourself this year, make sure to tip that wine glass high and smile!!


Mel G.