Wedding Wows Part 2.

We are almost to 80 days!! We have made it to this special day and I am freaking out I still cannot believe I will be a Mrs. soon. The calender is full and so is my heart, here is part two of our wedding journey!!

Okay everyone first thing I will say is if you have not yet downloaded The Knot app you need to and fast!! It is a real lifesaver, we have all our registeries listed here and we even have our own custom page!! If you do not like phone apps or they are to confusing(this one is not!!) I would definitely recommend a notebook or binder as well!! Now that we are in crunch mode i went from my big bulky binder to a little notebook. I use my binder still it is just easier sometimes to just take my little notebook and go!!

We have all our invitations ordered and to be honest i ended up going in another direction with them. I had a different vision at first but the ones we ended up with are perfect. We went with Vistaprint for our formal invitations, and i did this in the end instead was because my sister found my bridal shower invites on there. Every site I went on really had to many options to choose from and that was an issue, with less selction it really does make it easier. Shutterfly was the same way as well just more pricy. We even were lucky enough to get a special code at checkout with email sign up so it was so worth it.

Also here are some quick pointers and mistakes I have made to help you so you have less or none!!

  • Make sure at every dress fitting you and your ladies bring your shoes and bra you will be wearing under your dress, I was informed to late the first time
  • When you have little ones standing in the wedding it is best advised to have them break in the shoes a little bit before the big day!! (If the shoes are new) a month before at least
  • Have snacks and water available for the wedding party, in the morning and throughout the day!! Its important especially in the hot months to have it handy!!
  • Be a month ahead…we are ahead of schedule right now and it is great!!
  • Ask for help…I struggle with this one still to, I think I want everything to be perfect and I need to remind myself that it won’t be and that is okay some things it really is not worth stressing over
  • Don’t let anyone elses opinion affect what you truly do want. I have had several people try to tell me what to do and then bridezilla mode kicks in…I love advice but I don’t like when someone else tries to take control of something I have been dreaming of my whole life

Sorry for the rant for a second! I have been sick for the past few days to so i am so so so sorry for the delay on posts!! I will be changing that now


Mel G.

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