Honeymoon Shirts

Wedding Wednesday is an official thing being used now, on all of my social media platforms so since I am engaged I am totally taking advantage of this day while I can….

We are almost to 100 days and I am freaking out I can’t believe it almost 100 days people!! So besides all the fun stuff booking your caterer, ordering invitations and all the table decorations….Ger and I are currently planning out our honeymoon itinary and it has been so fun.(maybe some of the best parts) We are taking a two week road trip!!

So since we will be newly married I ordered us some special shirts for us on different days we are gone. We some how always end up matching and never mean it so I had to be extra and take it that far. πŸ˜‰

Gerry and I are so excited for our two week adventure. We plan on doing so much and vlogging and blogging it all on the way!! Well as much as possible.

Stay with me these next few months I will talk more about that fun adventure as it comes closer!! I want to say thank you to the great Etsy pages I found and i highly recommend them both so I listed the links below and the Etsy pages I purchased the shirts from!!

Disney Shirts-


King/Queen Shirts-


Have a great week!!


Mel G.

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