My First Collab!!!

Okay everyone I feel so lucky right now. I now own my website for one and two I was asked to do my first collaboration!! I feel so honored and I am so excited to share it all with you.

I took some more pictures and was going to fill you in on them.I decided the best way for me to do this is to list a picture then what brush it is next to it…..I will upload a video of me using these brushes with my makeup and explain more in detail where you use each brush!! I am so excited to try this new adventure and explore more into the makeup world. I am no pro and I would love to learn more so I am so excited for this adventure.

Mikasa Brushes

    1. Blush Brush-

2. Powder Brush-

3. Concealer Brush-

4. Finishing Brush-

Down below I listed a link to follow to find the website the brushes are sold on as well as a special discount code they made just for me!! I hope you all head over and take advantage of the spring sale they have going on!!

The website is having an amazing spring sale as well going on so head over to the site and take advantage!!

Special Discount Code-MELIGARN25


Mel G.

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