A few of my go to things

BaeWhen the seasons change I find myself changing what I use or wear and find myself trying new things.I have a few items each season that are my go tos though,the items I need to survive these next few months.


These Items I have listed below keep me going thru those long winter months and living in The Mitten you already know the cold will be here for a while.


Mel’s List of Go To Things

Winter Edition 

  1. Cozy Throw Blanket(great for snuggling with or in your car)  Bought mine- Target
  2. Snow Boots- BearPaw 
  3. Lip Balm- Carmex 
  4. Hats- Meijer/Carhart/ Charlotte Russe/Aeropostale 
  5. Scarves- Forever 21/Charlotte Russe/ Meijer
  6. Bath Bombs (baths Are my fave)- Target/Bath and Body Works 
  7. Cough Drops- Halls/ Ricola 
  8. Crock Pot(This baby is my best friend in the winter months!!) – Mine was a gift but I see them priced nice at Kohls or Target 
  9. Long or Fuzzy Socks- Meijer/Walmart
  10. Hot Beverages- Cocoa or Starbucks 
  11. Lotion- Aveeno 



Mel G.


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