New Year, New Goals

I feel so elementary or High school right now sitting here thinking of some New Years Goals or some resolution I probably will end up breaking in two weeks…..but it’s good to have goals and dreams, and we can always improve somehow!!

I definitely want to push myself to always believe in myself. I try to be positive but sometimes I do doubt myself so I just want to be always on myself reminding myself that I can do anything.

Another thing Is get back into going on walks and working out a little more, we are so active in the summer fall and spring but once the cold comes I’m indoors eating and being a little lazier so I told Gerry I am determined to learn to snowboard or ski one day so we can always stay active!!

I want to post a lot more to I’m debating on getting a photographer on the side to just help sometimes when I do need need help because you cannot do this all yourself. I want to be more into it but not over stress and set my limits to high without to much help.

I hope you all have a great New Year and an awesome 2018!! Dream big and don’t be afraid!!


Mel G.



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