My Current Fall Feels

Fall has officially sprung and  I love seeing the changes.Here in Michigan we surely get our fair share of fall fun. The trees come alive with the beautiful yellow, reds and oranges and the air in the morning is the best so crisp and fresh smelling I love it!!

Besides a pumpkin spice latte,and starting my holiday baking and shopping soon I’m currently obsessing over a few things and I figured I would share them with you today!!

October Round Up 

  • Jessie James Decker just dropped her album less then 3 weeks ago and I’m obsessing over it. I’ve loved this women as an artist for years. Learning all her songs new and old her vocals are amazing. She is a great role model for us young women out there today she is real, I love her.

    Find Jessie James Deckers new cd at Target or stream the whole cd from her YouTube Channel.

  • I have owned a crock pot for I would say almost two years now and up untill these last few months I used it maybe 5 times I swear it’s so sad because,now in the last 2 weeks alone I’ve used that bad lad almost 5 times now and I can’t stop. I have fallen in love with these easy Campbell dinners and they work wonders. I just choose my pack my meat throw them in put it on low and I’m set for dinner now on those nights I need something good and fast!! You can find these packs in your local soup aisle!!
  • The color green is my favorite but I have always opted away from owning to much green because I’m no state fan and I don’t want people mistaking me for one,hehe but I am loving green everything, I saw these green shoes at the store and had to have them then found a matching green hat for $5. I mean it matched so I needed it and for five dollars more I mean who could blame me.
  • I’m looking forward to Apple picking this year because I have put my self to the challenge to make a apple pie for my soon to be hubby. A special request he has asked for this year!!
  • It happens to every female I feel like we walk into Target looking for one or two things on a mission and you get side tracked with the new clothes or in this case nail polish….I went to get some body wash and make up and come out with that a bath bomb, a shirt and two bottles of nail Polish I just had to have!! They are so cute though the Sinful Colors line, is a go to. I love the shades,price and the color stays on. I snagged up a pretty magenta and a cute red.

The leaves are falling and soon we will be heading into turkey time, I can’t believe how fast time goes now that I’m older. I used to be in such a hurry to grow up and get to where I’m at and now all I want is for it to slow down.

Time goes by so fast, but I will always have my memories. Have a great day dolls!!


Mel G.



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