Let me update you real quick


well first off I can say I am officially an engaged women. My fiancé finally made my dream come true in August and now I am in full wedding planning!! It’s crazy to believe we have already been engaged for nearly 3 months now I mean we are taking our engagement photos this weekend!! I can’t believe how fast it goes by all I have to say is enjoy it. I’m currently working on our wedding website to keep a close eye on all that extra fun like wedding registry and a story of us and who is in our wedding party. It’s a cute little app I’m having so much fun with it!!


In other news we have been going non stop these last few months from a lions football game,(huge fans) birthday parties and our Halloween party. Our niece and nephew celebrated two different weekends of birthdays complete with moon bounces and a pool party!! We do it big around here, especially for the kids. now October is here and we are currently on a roller coaster of different events every weekend. It has been non stop we visited kalahari for the first time for a special little nuggets birthday. First time for us all and we are already planning our second time back we recommend this place for everyone kids and adults it’s perfect for everyone.



Now this past weekend we had our Halloween party and it was a blast. It was our second year throwing it and I was against it at first because we are getting married next year but we did it and I’m so glad we did. We had the best time ever making the best memories with people we love. Gerry even asked some of his groomsmen that night to stand in the wedding it was a special night. We are gearing up for another weekend of crazy fun but it’s so great. I feel so blessed being able to be able to be living this life. It’s never perfect but I love this crazy life I live. Till next time.




 Mel G.



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