Summer Update 2k17

Well here we are end of July beginning of August and I have basically just fallen off the blog lifestyle. I see how hard it really can be balancing all this, but I want to be on this band wagon still so I will do my best to stay more connected.


I have been having the best summer ever though,like wise for all you I hope!? We have been on a few trips, celebrating friends getting married, work of course and some other fun adventures with family and friends as well. I cannot believe we are already at the end of summer it is like where has the time gone?!


Now that summer is dwindling down though I still do have a few things on my summer bucket list I would love to do. Like going zip lining at the outdoor adventure park here in Michigan or maybe visiting a tigers game and downtown a few more nights!! Or maybe visit an amusement park as well, who knows with one month left so many options!!


Hope everyone is having a great summer and living it up and relaxing on the days you can. I’m so happy to be back at this again feeling good and happy about it!! I posted some pics throughout the post of my adventures these past few months!!


       Ta,ta for now,


                     Mel G.


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