Beauty Blemish Fix

Rise and Shine my gorgeous dolls. Okay so I have a confession I have never ever once struggled with beauty blemishes really. I guess I’m one of those “lucky ones” as they call it….well let me tell you,I hit 27 and life just smacked me with a new struggle. Luckily I use these quick tricks to help when I did get the occasional zit here or there. Also I found this amazing product that is helping and the smells are to die for!!!!


I hope you’re not allergic to cocoanut because that is one of the secret ingredients in this new soap I discovered recently and its working a miracle on my face already, and I am one happy girl. I hear all these stories about trying to find the perfect product for yourself and they sound like horror stories lol. (No offense to anyone really struggling) I just want to say though I do love the way I look and feel. I am blessed being able to go this long without having to go the extra mile,but I always knew my luck train would run out so I am just happy I found something I like a lot to add on to other things I may have done in the past. The soap is made with minimal products and if you know Gerry’s family well all the ladies in his life live by the products that have five ingredients or less,so I am trying to as well. The brand name is Bend Soap Co. The product ships from Bend,Oregon and they have a whole line of soaps,scrubs,bath milks, and lotions. I found them on Instagram, and I fell in love when I followed the link on the page. I grabbed up a bar of soap,a lotion and a container of Goat Milk Bath. I never took a goat milk bath before…..YOU need to,my skin felt so so soft and the Lavender scent was still there in the morning. I love my baths…I think every girl does but girls try a goat milk bath!!

Well besides finding the Willy Wonka Golden Ticket face product, I still use these tricks and products to help with a blemish or to I mean they have helped before.


My blemish fixes

  1. If you know your going out that night and want to do your make up a little darker,simple don’t do your makeup….its crazy for some of you but okay why would you do up your face twice like that and put your already gorgeous face through that possibility of a blemish even if you wash your face or not don’t do it or do it super light like concealer and mascara!!
  2. Whenever I have a blemish that is a decent size or maybe a few at a time I go a day without makeup, maybe a couple if I can. I love my makeup and doing my face but I hate putting more makeup over a blemish it hurts sometimes and stings if you sweat or the sun or you hit it by accident,just saying I hate it but it helps the process along.
  3. We also use Dove body wash. My boyfriend is allergic to cocoanut and we have used it since we have been together. Your skin feels so refreshed and clean after  using It,it’s definitely my second go to If I don’t use the Bend Soap.
  4. Wash your brushes and applicator or ditch them. In high school I definitely did not know that so learn while you can. It’s nasty all the bacteria they can accumulate if you’re not careful!!
  5. Spend a little extra, if you have to. It’s your face and your going to be using this product so why not do a little research and look into it more. My sister and Gerry’s sister are like pros when it comes to this stuff, so when I hear about a new product now I am all over it asking them or looking up “swatches” I believe they are called!! I have found over all though in these past few years of me doing my makeup more I have found that definitely spending a little extra money is okay just check reviews they work wonders!!

Till next time….


Mel G.


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