Ger and Mel Ventures: Fishing day with Bae

Adventure days with bae are so fun and usually every Sunday its venture day. This past weekend we made a journey to Dodge Park #4. It’s about a half hour from our house in Troy. It was such a beautiful day and since we just came back from doing what I wanted to do last weekend I felt like I owed Gerry a break from what I wanted to do. He mentioned something about fishing and if you didn’t know he recently started a Instagram page for his YouTube channel he’s working on, so I decided why not now I have a fun story to do for Ger and Mel Ventures!!


Okay quick background for you….Dodge stands for the Dodge Brothers Cooperation, so in 1922 they donated this park to the state of Michigan as long as it stayed a maintained public park!! Pretty sweet I know:)……I did not fish because I do not have my fishing license but I basically took advantage of our camera and I was his personal photographer for the day…..I don’t think he wanted this but I told him more shots for the blog and Instagram lol. The park was perfect we even saw two turkey vultures who were nesting on a hill. The geese did not like Mandy though they wanted her so bad. The goose would jump in the water and follow us puffing their chest and honking at us like Mandy was going to harm them lol I don’t think Mandy would hurt a fly but that goose was not having it!! We loved the little bridges they had separating into an island on one side and a cute little red bridge on the other side. The beach was perfect it looked like they were getting ready for the season, its only May though and with Michigan weather you never know so no rush to hit up the beach just yet but I would definitely recommend it.


Gerry caught 2 fish but he said personally for fishing a boat is the better way to go. The lake opens up and its a decent size,(Cass Lake) so to catch them big boys as Gerry says a boat would be your best bet. We looped around to the boat launch and it was great, we loved it because it looked like a great launch for kayaks as well and we love to kayak, the water level was perfect for both so we loved that!! Down below is a slide show because I mean let’s face it,pictures are sometimes better than words. Till next time….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Mel G.


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