My Morning Playlist

Good Morning my fellow readers, first off let me just say I am not proud to be just now posting so late in the month but I have been so busy and I am so new to this I am trying to just get used to everything and working this blog!! I love it though and I am having so much fun,it’s not easy but its rewarding when you finally do get to post. I am trying to get into the swing of this posting and balancing the rest of life.So hopefully I get back into this and I will hopefully be posting two or three times a week!! Anyway onto other things now I am so excited because April is my birthday month. It is still a few weeks away so I decided to go a little deeper into me and do some posts on things I love and want for my birthday.

I love music I believe it sets the soul on fire and makes you feel so many different emotions. Gerry and I always have music on, our dream goal is to install speakers throughtout the whole house one day so we can listen to music anywhere in the house. I can listen to anything I have grown up listening to everything under the sun so I dont really hate any music, I’m not a major hard core fan of screamo and jazz they may be my like least fave but I will jam out to it if I can groove to it!! I decided I would share with you my go to playlist in the morning. Sometimes I have those mornings where I just do not want to get up, so I turn on my Youtube or Pandora while I’m still in bed so the music really will get me moving and getting up and ready. I love music in the morning that is loud and makes me want to dance around the house. I swear I probably look like I’m doing a music video sometimes when I’m walking through my house in the morning. Hey just rememeber life is not easy and sometimes you need that rap song or girl power song in the morning just to remind yourself you are worth it, your bad and your about to get work done!!! I hope everyone has a great week and I’ll talk to you all soon!! Have a great day dolls!!

(some of my songs on this playlist are PG-13)

Mel’s Morning Playlist

  1. That’s my girl-Fifth Harmony
  2. Bad Girls-M.I.A.
  3. Shining-Beyonce ft. Jay-Z and DJ Khalid
  4. Make Love-Gucci Mane ft. Nicki Minaj
  5. We Own It- 2 Chainz and Wiz Khalifa
  6. Work B****- Britney Spears
  7. Black or White- Michael Jackson
  8. No more mister nice guy- Alice Cooper
  9. Welcome to the Jungle- Guns-N-Roses
  10. Fade- Kayne West


Mel G.


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