Ger and Mel Ventures: Caseville/Port Austin, MI


Gerry and I have always went on walks ever since we started dating, I remember a time when we used to only go on walks in the summer with bare feet. As time has gone on we have gone on many walks and been on quiet a few adventures already so I knew when I started this blog I really wanted to make this a segment on my blog. Gerry and I have made big dreams this year to really venture more of our great state, and visit at least two states. We work, but its important to just breath and take in all these wonders of our beautiful planet while we can.

Caseville is a beautiful place to visit. Usually we spend our summers here laying out on the beach ,soaking up the sun and watching the kiddies build castles. Well my first trip to Caseville in the winter was definitely not like that. I had never been up during the winter so I was so surprised to see these beautiful snow caps and the beloved lake almost still frozen. We arrived a little late Friday night so we just went to bed. The next morning we were up and ready to adventure out, we bundled up with Mandy close by always. We spent most of the morning on the ice and just taking pictures and having fun. I felt really cool being on the ice I’m not one to just run out on some frozen ice like my honey, it makes me so nervous frozen solid or not. We ventured into town and they had Shanty Days going on we missed all the fun it seemed, everything was pretty early we later heard. It sounded like a blast and its every year in February in Caseville, so if your ever in the area during the event go attend it sounded like a blast!!

With Sunday Funday we decided to pack up the car and venture out to Port Austin. We had to go home today so we took some time on some trails in Port Austin and at the pier. The pier was so crazy usually we can walk down to the end of the pier and this time the snow had fallen way over the rails. So we had a nice half walk and we got some great shots as well. Only thing I would say be careful when you walk your dog out, the beginning of the bridge wasn’t to kind to Mandy so maybe not take that route, or walk slower for them. We also visited Port Crescent Park. It has about four or five different trails and each one is an adventure in its self. From one that leads straight to the water and another that leads to Secret Swings. We brought Mandy here in the winter and it was just as cool when we came in the summer with his family. We went down one trail that looked like we were in the desert. It felt so cool to feel like that in the midst of winter. Over all I thought both these places were great for the winter still. I love them in the summer but now I can say I love them just as much in the winter. I decided to put together a little slide show of all the adventuring we did. I feel like seeing it in the pictures will sell you on it more. It’s Pure Michigan living at its finest and we didn’t have to go far at all.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


                                       Mel G.


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